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suzuki alto 2010 for sale in Gujranwala
(Rating: 5/5 - 291 votes)

suzuki alto 2010 for sale in Gujranwala
04/04/2019Ad ID: 226803

suzuki alto 2010 for sale in Gujranwala
suzuki alto 2010 for sale in Gujranwala
suzuki alto 2010 for sale in Gujranwala
suzuki alto 2010 for sale in Gujranwala

A very good looking and charming condition car with a handsome price.

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Suzuki Alto 2018 | Suzuki Alto for sale in karachi | Suzuki Alto 2018 specifications | Suzuki Alto | Suzuki Alto 2018 price in pakistan | Suzuki Alto for sale in lahore | Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto 2018 price and review in Pakistan

Suzuki Alto is a small car introduced in 1979 by Suzuki Motors Corporation which is currently running its seventh generation. Its first generation was a 3-door cargo version of Suzuki Fronte passenger car which helped Suzuki to acquire the seventh place in Japanese production. It was sold in Pakistan with the name Suzuki FX. The car has been manufactured in three body styles till date: the 3-door hatchback, 5-door hatchback and 3-door van.

Pak Suzuki Motor Corporation started local production of Alto in 2000. The car gained wide appreciation from consumers in the Pakistani market and was sold until 2012. Although local production and sale of Alto have been stopped by PSMCL, it is still being imported into Pakistan by Alto lovers and 2013 Suzuki Alto can be seen on the roads. It has earned the trust of Pakistani consumers who look out for Suzuki Alto for Sale in Pakistan. SCORESHEET FOR SUZUKI ALTO


3.6 stars


3.8 stars


3.8 stars


4.2 stars


3.6 stars


3.9 stars

Suzuki Alto overall score by's car expert:
3.8 stars

Top Things To Know Before Buying Suzuki Alto in Pakistan

Let’s discuss in detail the reasons to buy Suzuki Alto:

What Are Suzuki Alto Specifications?

Suzuki Alto 2015

The Suzuki Alto 660cc is powered by a 660cc inline 3 cylinder or a turbocharged engine coupled with either a CVT automatic transmission or a 5-speed manual transmission. The Suzuki Alto eco is available in both 2WD and 4WD. Without compromising performance, it offers great fuel efficiency and low emissions. To minimizes engine power loss, it includes an electric power steering, providing an excellent balance between feedback and effort for a responsive drive.

Suzuki Alto 2014

The Alto 2014 Japan carries the same powertrain as mentioned above. The Suzuki Alto Eco versions are also available to deliver improved fuel efficiency.

Suzuki Alto Pakistan

The Alto has a 1.0L 3-cylinder petrol engine paired with 5-speed manual transmission to power the front wheels. It was never manufactured to offer automatic transmission and 4wd option.

Suzuki Alto 2018

Suzuki Japan has not launched Alto 2018 yet. We will update this section as soon as we hear any news about 2018 model year.

Suzuki Alto Dimensions

Suzuki Alto Length (mm)


Suzuki Alto Width (mm)


Suzuki Alto Height (mm)


Suzuki Alto Weight (kg)


Suzuki Alto Ground Clearance (mm)


Suzuki Alto Wheelbase (mm)


What Is Suzuki Alto 660cc Fuel Consumption?

According to Suzuki Japan official website, with 2wd CVT option, the Suzuki Alto Japan delivers a fuel economy of around 37.0 Km/L, whereas the Pakistani Suzuki Alto can reach as 11 km/l as fuel consumption.

Suzuki Alto Eco Fuel Consumption

The Alto Eco Idle Stop fuel economy stands at 30.2 km/L, according to Japan’s test cycle.

How Suzuki Alto VXR Performs on the Road?

The Alto has an excellent road performance. In fact, it is the best city car ever produced by Suzuki in the mini-compact category. The Alto, along with its sisters FX and Swift/Khyber was a regular fixture of Pakistani automobile landscape and the upward mobility of a family could be easily gauged by the frequency with which they graduated from FX to Alto or from Alto to Swift / Khyber.

Suzuki Alto Design

The beautifully designed body of the car is composed of lightweight high-tensile steel which results in fuel saving and low emissions. This eye candy can also offer you great crash safety. Its aesthetics has increased for addition of 14-inch alloy wheels. Fog lights offer extra luminance thus increasing visibility in snow, fog and rain. It is very easy to park for its small turning radius of 4.5m.

Suzuki Alto Exterior

Even though Suzuki Alto is an economical car, it has all the latest technology and safety features. Complemented with its reasonable pricing, its running costs are also low. It is a perfect city car that provides a smooth and comfortable drive. It has very less number of blind spot and small turning radius makes it easier to park. Although the interior of the car is comfortable the cabin does not block road noise. The rear seats are also rather cramped. The tiny boot of the car and lack of storage space make it a less practical vehicle.  

Suzuki Alto Interior

It has ample flexible luggage space for its folding rear seats. Power windows have practical door mounted controls. Remote power door locks allow easy entry without unlocking all doors. The sound system is equipped with an MP3 compatible CD player with 2 tweeters and 4 speakers to deliver the best quality sound possible for every event. A variety of storage compartments is available which add to its convenience and practicality.

What Are Suzuki Alto Colors Options

The all-new Suzuki Alto 2015 is accessible in 7 eye-catching color choices including

  • Bluish Black Pearl 3
  • Chiffon Ivory Metallic
  • Fizz Blue Pearl Metallic
  • Pure Red
  • Silky Silver Metallic
  • Superior White and
  • Urban Brown Pearl Metallic.

What Are Suzuki Alto Safety Features?

In order to protect from the frontal crashes, the Suzuki Alto comes with the airbags on the passenger and the driver side. It also has side airbags to counter the impact of a lateral crash. The Suzuki Alto 2015 has seat belt reminders for all the passengers.

Suzuki Alto Safety Rating

The Suzuki Alto has a three-star rating from the European Safety Rating agency Euro NCAP which is one of the best in the compact car category.

What Are The Best Features Of Suzuki Alto?

The Alto offers enhanced safety for all occupants with 2 SRS Airbags for the driver and the front passenger. The ESC (Electronic Stability Control) minimizes driving risks by maximizing driver control. Other features include Radar brake support, false start suppression function, emergency stop signal, ESP stability control, hill hold control, lightweight impact absorbing body, neck shock mitigation front seat, seat belt reminder, EBD with four-wheel ABS + brake assist. ISOFIX child seat fixing device and so on.

Standout features of the car include:

  • Fuel Economy
  • Sporty Outlook
  • Latest Safety Features

Where Can I Find Suzuki Alto Accessories In Pakistan?

Since Suzuki is the oldest brand operating in Pakistan, hence it is very very easy to obtain the parts and accessories for Suzuki Alto in all major cities in the country. Also, the labor and mechanics are readily available. Suzuki has the reputation of making the least expensive replacement parts and accessories which are quite true.

Where can you buy Suzuki Alto in Pakistan?

Suzuki cars not only have the highest resale value of any brand in Pakistan, they are also available very easily in all the metropolitan areas of Pakistan:

Suzuki Alto 2018 Review

Suzuki Alto 2018 belongs to the Suzuki Alto Eighth Generation release which was presented to the general public in 2014. The new Alto was specifically designed for lower fuel consumption and it is about 60 kilograms lighter than the previous generations. Keeping in line with the post-2000 generations, the Suzuki Alto  automatic is available as well as 5-speed manual transmission.

Suzuki Alto Popular Models in Pakistan

Suzuki Alto 2002

The Suzuki Alto 2002 is one of the older models but it is still very popular in Pakistan due to two reasons. One, the Suzuki Alto 2002 parts are very cheap and the high maintenance costs usually associated to older vehicles are quite affordable in this case. The second reason is that the Suzuki Alto 2002 is not very expensive. The price for a Suzuki Alto in Pakistan for the 2002 model varies between PKR 3.5 Lac and PKR 4.25 Lac depending on the condition of the vehicle.

Suzuki Alto 2002 for sale in Pakistan

Suzuki Alto 2012

The Alto 2012 is manufactured in Pakistan by Pak Suzuki motors but the automatic transmission models are imported from Japan. The average price varies from PKR 7.5 Lac to 9 Lac depending on the color and the options selected.

Suzuki Alto 2012 for sale in Pakistan

Suzuki Alto 2015

The Suzuki Alto 2015 is the latest model offered by Pak Suzuki motors and other car dealers who import it directly from Japan. It is considerably more expensive than the Suzuki Alto 2012 models. The average price for a new Suzuki Alto 2015 varies from PKR 11 Lac to PKR 12 Lac

Suzuki Alto 2015 for sale in Pakistan

Suzuki Alto compared to other city cars in Pakistan

  • Suzuki Alto vs Nissan Pino- Although the Nissan Pino has more luggage space, the Suzuki Alto has more leg room.
  • Suzuki Alto vs Daihatsu Mira- Although the Daihatsu Mira has more power, the Suzuki Alto is more fuel efficient.
  • Suzuki Alto vs Toyota Passo- Although the Toyota Passo is more spacious, the Suzuki Alto has more luggage space.

What Is The Suzuki Alto Price In Pakistan?

Suzuki Alto 2015 Price in Pakistan

The Suzuki Alto Japanese has a starting price of around PKR 1,400,000. Used Suzuki Alto cars are available in a price range of PKR 490,000 to PKR 1,250,000.

Buy Suzuki Alto 2015 Pakistan

Suzuki Alto 2014 Price in Pakistan

The Alto Japan 2014 can be bought for around 11 Lacs depending on the condition of the vehicle and the variant you choose.

Buy Alto 2014 for sale in Pakistan

Below you can find average prices of Suzuki Alto cars according to current listings:

New suzuki 2018 prices in pakistan

Suzuki Mehran 2018 Prices

Car Version Ex-Factory Price
Suzuki Mehran VX Euro II PKR 709,000
Suzuki Mehran VX Euro II (CNG) PKR 749,000
Suzuki Mehran VXR Euro II PKR 762,000
Suzuki Mehran VXR Euro II (CNG) PKR 802,000

Suzuki Cultus 2018 Prices

Car Version Ex-Factory Price
Suzuki Cultus Auto Gear Shift PKR 1,528,000
Suzuki Cultus VXL PKR 1,391,000
Suzuki Cultus VXR PKR 1,270,000

Suzuki Wagon R 2018 Prices

Car Version Ex-Factory Price
Suzuki Wagon R VXL PKR 1,164,000
Suzuki Wagon R VXR PKR 1,074,000

Suzuki APV 2018 Prices

Car Version Ex-Factory Price
Suzuki APV GLX PKR 2,418,000

Suzuki Bolan 2018 Prices

Car Version Ex-Factory Price
Suzuki Bolan Cargo Van Euro ll PKR 750,000
Suzuki Bolan VX Euro II PKR 784,000

Suzuki Ciaz 2018 Prices

Car Version Ex-Factory Price
Suzuki Ciaz Automatic PKR 1,999,000
Suzuki Ciaz Manual PKR 1,859,000

Suzuki Jimny 2018 Prices

Car Version Ex-Factory Price
Suzuki Jimny JLDX PKR 2,293,000

Suzuki Mega Carry Xtra 2018 Prices

Car Version Ex-Factory Price
Suzuki Mega Carry Xtra Manual PKR 1,499,000

Suzuki Ravi 2018 Prices

Car Version Ex-Factory Price
Suzuki Ravi Euro ll PKR 726,000

Suzuki Swift 2018 Prices

Car Version Ex-Factory Price
Suzuki Swift DLX 1.3 Navigation PKR 1,405,000
Suzuki Swift DLX Automatic 1.3 Navigation PKR 1,541,000

Suzuki Vitara 2018 Prices

Car Version Ex-Factory Price
Suzuki Vitara GL+ 1.6 PKR 3,490,000
Suzuki Vitara GLX 1.6 PKR 3,790,000

Suzuki Alto latest offers in Pakistan