Toyota Vitz 2019 Cars price, specifications and reviews in Pakistan

Toyota Vitz for Sale in Pakistan, Toyota Vitz 2018 Price review and specifications in Pakistan

Toyota Vitz for Sale in Pakistan, Toyota Vitz 2018 Price review and specifications in Pakistan

The Toyota Vitz is a sub-reduced hatchback presented in 1998 by Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation. The auto has been sold in more than 70 nations under various nameplates, for example, Vitz, Yaris and Echo. Right now third era Vitz motivating purchasers in the global markets. One bewildering actuality is that the Vitz has crossed 2.5-million stamp in 2014. It has won the hearts of clients overall on account of its lively outline and power stuffed execution.

Toyota Indus Motors does not amass or showcase Vitz in Pakistan, but rather you can undoubtedly discover reconditioned and utilized Toyota Vitz available to be purchased in Pakistan. The Vitz is the primary Japanese auto which got so well known here that it is favored over privately produced Mehran, Santro and Alto because of the extravagance, comfort and innovation highlights it gives. It is a good family car with great performance and smooth drive.

The pattern of current circumstances has been changed over to scale down autos. Presently people who simply need to go to their workplaces and on excursion with their little families, love to claim a little vehicle simply like Toyota Vitz.

Fuel consumption of Toyota Vitz

The Toyota Vitz normal mileage is around 30/36 mpg city/roadway. This amazing efficiency is the motivation behind why People in Pakistan favor this hatchback over the privately made autos.

Prices in Pakistan

Toyota Vitz 2013 Price = PKR 1,250,000/-

Toyota Vitz 2014 price = PKR 15.55 Lac

Toyota Vitz 2015 price = PKR 16.5 Lac

Toyota Vitz 2016 price = PKR 17 Lac

Why to buy Toyota Vitz?

A relatively cheap cars as compared other Toyota models. It is reliable and spacious with better fuel economy. A powerful car with smooth drive and good exterior and interior. It is overall a good family car.


Things to consider when you are considering to buy Toyota Vitz. Specs and features, fuel consumption and quality is the topmost requirement to look for when buying Toyota Vitz.

Toyota Vitz 2013

This smaller than usual vehicle Vitz 2013 by Toyota is extravagance ride in contrast with the other little autos of a similar spending plan. As worried to the outside magnificence of Toyota Vitz, the front head lights look as wonderful eyes and general outside body is forcefully composed. This model is real energy with bragging abundant outlines and styles. The past outside body was an adorable and jellybean which is presently supplanted with a greater one having energetic flame broil. Push start, door sensors and immobilizers are best value addition. Mileage is 17-18km/l on highway and in city approx. 12-13km/l.

Toyota Vitz 2014

Capacity of the this toyota vitz auto brags high proficiency 1.3-liter Vitz expanded to 99 hp. Adjustment of this motor can be outfitted with a framework Idling Stop. Fuel utilization in the auto is 3.8 liters for every 100 km (10-15 mode), or about 25 km for each liter. It has good city mileage and nice steering feel but it is a bit noisy and harsh. It has supportive front seat and smooth ride, an essential for a family car.

It is available in two body styles:

1: A three door hatchback with L and LE trims level

2: A five door hatchback with L, LE & SE trims level.

Toyota Vitz 2015

Toyota vitz 2015 gets an eye-catching face, spruced up interior trims and a quieter interior with 106 horsepower and 1.5 liter four cylinder. Interior is good with good storage space with front seat support however, rear seat space is a different story altogether. Not much space is offer at rear end. It has better fuel efficiency with mileage 17-18km/l on highway and 12-13km/l in city.

Toyota Vitz 2016

It has a straightforward hatchback shape which is only change Toyota did to this model. Nothing is much changed, everything is just the same as of previous model.

Comparison with other cars

Toyota Vitz VS Suzuki Alto

Toyota Vitz is 106 hp while Suzuki Alto is 96 hp with front wheel drive. Toyota is morepowerful as it has more torque power which is 140 Nm while Alto is 90 Nm hence Toyota Vitz is more powerful than Suzuki Alto. Alto has one advantage over Toyota and that is, full independent suspension. There is a slight difference of fuel economy on highway b/w these two cars— ignorable while in city the difference is clear. Vitz gives 30/36 mpg while Alto gives 93 mpg combined.

Toyota Vitz VS Daihatsu Coure

Coure is more reliable than Toyota and more fuel efficient with mileage of 59 mpg combined. It is slightly better than Toyota but Toyota has standard features and specs when considering all other aspects.

Toyota Vitz VS Suzuki Cultus

Vitz is all more striking in shape and attraction than Cultus. Vitz has enough capacity to give leg space but overall Cultus is winner here because it has refined interior and leg space. Vitz is a foreign made vehicle and has better motor, far reaching look and more intelligent highlights. Whereas Suzuki Cultus being more affordable with organization's guarantee is typically favored by Pakistanis.