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Honda for sale in Pakistan

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Price 380000
North Karachi Karachi, Pakistan . 04/04/2019

Urgent sale gari bhut acha hy har cheez sa a,c b on hy cng b hy car tape b acha Wala hy or plz Jo lany Wala ho wo cl Kara Tim pass Wala nih...View Car

honda city idsi 1998 for sale in Karachi

City in North Karachi | Honda in Karachi | Idsi in Karachi | City in Karachi | City idsi 1998 in Karachi

Price 380000
North Karachi Karachi, Pakistan . 04/04/2019

Urgent sale Honda City. Model. 1998 ki 10 month. Engine room and inner original, outer shower. New tyres and alloy rims. AC is on and child AC working. Cng and petr...View Car

honda city idsi 1998 for sale in Karachi

City in North Karachi | Honda in Karachi | Idsi in Karachi | City in Karachi | City idsi 1998 in Karachi

Price 3450000
DHA Phase 7 Lahore, Pakistan . 04/04/2019

Brand new Honda Civic 2019 unregistered at Honda Point Showroom Silver colour...View Car

honda civic vti oriel 2019 for sale in Lahore

Civic in DHA Phase 7 | Honda in Lahore | Vti in Lahore | Civic in Lahore | Civic vti oriel 2019 in Lahore

Price 2225000
Chaudhary Park Lahore, Pakistan . 04/04/2019

Its first hand and booking owner also Bumper to bumper genioun Leather seats Tv navigation Reasonable price and final Serious Buyer cantact...View Car

honda br-v 2017 for sale in Lahore

Br-v in Chaudhary Park | Honda in Lahore | Br-v in Lahore | Br-v 2017 in Lahore

Price 1925000
Faisal Town Lahore, Pakistan . 04/04/2019

Honda fit Hybrid 2014 model 2017 Dec import Unregistered DVD the navigation Brand New condition Imported rims tyres...View Car

honda fit 2017 for sale in Lahore

Fit in Faisal Town | Honda in Lahore | Fit in Lahore | Fit 2017 in Lahore

Price 930000
Mozang Lahore, Pakistan . 04/04/2019

Honda city first hand car and used with first hand. model 2006, update token till 2019, original roof, total shower....View Car

honda city idsi 2006 for sale in Lahore

City in Mozang | Honda in Lahore | Idsi in Lahore | City in Lahore | City idsi 2006 in Lahore

Price 1300000
Gulshan-e-Kaneez Fatima Karachi, Pakistan . 04/04/2019

Honda Lovers Honda city IVTEC auto 1.3 original condition thoughout petrol chilled Ac 2 owner new tyres no work just buy and drive...View Car

honda city ivtec 2010 for sale in Karachi

City in Gulshan-e-Kaneez Fatima | Honda in Karachi | Ivtec in Karachi | City in Karachi | City ivtec 2010 in Karachi

Price 930000
Faisalabad, Pakistan . 04/04/2019

Sides Showered. Roof Geniun. Conditon => 8/10...View Car

honda city idsi 2006 for sale in Faisalabad

| Honda in Faisalabad | Idsi in Faisalabad | City in Faisalabad | City idsi 2006 in Faisalabad

Price 1310000
F-7 Islamabad, Pakistan . 04/04/2019

Honda City 1.3 White colour 5 years plan 40 % down payment paid Already 15 installments paid Rs. 24728/- per month installment will be reduce every year Neat and clean ...View Car

honda city ivtec 2017 for sale in Islamabad

City in F-7 | Honda in Islamabad | Ivtec in Islamabad | City in Islamabad | City ivtec 2017 in Islamabad

Price 650000
DHA Karachi, Pakistan . 04/04/2019

Honda Civics ya Honda ke kisi be model ki koi be gari hasil karain asan mahana iqsat me sirf or sirf 20% advance qemat ke sath bina kisi izafi charges ke apni marzi ke pl...View Car

honda civic prosmetic 2017 for sale in Karachi

Civic in DHA | Honda in Karachi | Prosmetic in Karachi | Civic in Karachi | Civic prosmetic 2017 in Karachi

Price 1365000
Peshawar, Pakistan . 04/04/2019

Honda Civic Rebon VTi Oriel 1.8 i-VETC Prosmetic Auto Sunroof Model 2009 Register Islamabad Colour Silver Lightweight allow rims Original Book is available Driven on petr...View Car

honda civic vti oriel prosmatec 2009 for sale in Peshawar

| Honda in Peshawar | Vti in Peshawar | Civic in Peshawar | Civic vti oriel pros 2009 in Peshawar

Price 730000
Shadman 1 Lahore, Pakistan . 04/04/2019

honda civic vti 2002.. automatic transmission.. karachi registered... outside some pieces showered..inside genuine... non accident... original book and file... original n...View Car

honda civic prosmetic 2002 for sale in Lahore

Civic in Shadman 1 | Honda in Lahore | Prosmetic in Lahore | Civic in Lahore | Civic prosmetic 2002 in Lahore

Price 2400000
Faisal Town Lahore, Pakistan . 04/04/2019


honda freed 2015 for sale in Lahore

Freed in Faisal Town | Honda in Lahore | Freed in Lahore | Freed 2015 in Lahore

Price 2750000
Wapda Colony Lahore, Pakistan . 04/04/2019

I am selling my honda civic only 45000 k m driven one hand used all bumper to bumper original...View Car

honda civic vti oriel 2016 for sale in Lahore

Civic in Wapda Colony | Honda in Lahore | Vti in Lahore | Civic in Lahore | Civic vti oriel 2016 in Lahore

Price 820000
Kohat, Pakistan . 04/04/2019

Best car. best feul awrage .abs break .air bag .90 % apne clr ma hai...View Car

honda zest 2013 for sale in Kohat

| Honda in Kohat | Zest in Kohat | Zest 2013 in Kohat

Used and new Cars prices and review in Pakistan

According to World Bank Database, Pakistan has 57 motor vehicles per 1000 people in the country. Although compared to Western European, East Asian and North American countries, this number is not very high but taken into account the fact that 60% of Pakistani population lives in villages, this number becomes very significant. The country has an extensive network of highways, primary arteries in the city and secondary roads which for the most part have an excellent quality and are well-maintained. In terms of vehicle ownership, major urban population centers like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi are no less motorized than any other major city in any other country. These cities have circular roads as well as expressways and a big percentage of people commute to work and possess a vehicle.

Best Cars in Pakistan: Car Models in Pakistan

Since the independence in 1947, the European (mostly British) and American models were gradually replaced by Japanese brands during the 1960s and 1970s and as of now a vast majority of vehicles in Pakistan is Japanese made, assembled, designed or imported. The most popular motor vehicle brands are Honda. Toyota and Suzuki. The most easily found Toyota vehicles are Corolla and Corona, for Honda they are Civic and Accord and for Suzuki they are Alto, Swift and Baleno. The most frequently found body type for Toyota and Honda cars is the 4 door sedan while although Suzuki has the sedan body type for Baleno, the most well known body type remain the hatchback.

The Suzuki motor vehicle brand is the most ingrained in the Pakistani psyche as well as most well established in the Pakistani automobile market because Suzuki was the first ever brand to be assembled in Pakistan. During the 1980s, in the midst of the Asian Economic Boom, Japan decided to be proactive and counter the US and European carmakers’ advances in emerging markets by offering to build assemble plants in Asia and Latin America and so Pak Suzuki Motors started to manufacture FX in Pakistan in 1983.

During the early part of the 2000s and during the late 90s a number of new models started becoming available in Pakistan. South Korean automobiles made a foray in the Pakistani market and now Daewoo, Kia and Hyundai, the three flagship South Korean brands, are also available in Pakistan. Most Daewoo cars are available in the 4 door sedan body type however Kia and Hyundai are mostly available as hatchbacks.

US car manufacturers are also trying to capture their market share lately and the first US brand to come to mind in this regard is Chevrolet (GM). These cars are now assembled in Pakistan and are available both in sedan and hatchback body types.

New, Reconditioned & Used Cars in Pakistan

Most of the cars on the Pakistani automobile market are used because not everybody has the budget to put down money for a new car. A huge collection of new, used and reconditioned cars can be found here. Most of the established brands such as Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Nissan, Mazda, Kia, Daihatsu, Hyundai, Chevrolet etc. have their own dealerships which serve as sales and distribution points. Many imported luxury brands such as Ferrari, Audi, BMW and Lexus have their own distribution network and sales points in affluent cities such as Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Sialkot and Faisalabad. All the brands available for sale in Pakistan have authorized service centers as well which provide after sales parts, labor and repair services. There is also a vast network of private garages and mechanics which is as qualified as the certified dealers and in some cases more easily available.

Top 10 Most Popular Car Models in Pakistan

1. Toyota Corolla for sale in Pakistan

The Corolla is one of the most famous sedans in Pakistan simply because of its reliability, durability and excellent resale value. There are three variants including Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6, Toyota Corolla GLi/ Toyota Corolla Xli 1.3 and Toyota Corolla Grande 1.8L.

XLI for Sale in Karachi

Toyota Corolla GLi for sale in Karachi

Toyota corolla Altis for sale in Karachi

XLI for Sale in Lahore

Toyota Corolla GLi for sale in Lahore

Toyota corolla Altis for sale in Lahore

XLI for Sale in Islamabad

Toyota Corolla GLi for sale in Islamabad

Toyota corolla Altis for sale in Islamabad

Corolla Price in Pakistan

Toyota corolla 2018 price in Pakistan| Toyota corolla 2014 price in Pakistan

2. Toyota Vitz for sale in Pakistan

After corolla, the most widely seen car on Pakistani roads is Vitz. It is accessible in 3 engine configurations including 1.0L, 1.3L and 1.5L mills that drive either front or all the wheels. Most Vitz cars accessible here are front wheel drives.

Vitz Price in Pakistan

Vitz 2018 price in PakistanVitz 2015 price in Pakistan| Vitz 2014 price in Pakistan

3. Toyota Prius for sale in Pakistan

The most popular hybrid in the world is also the most favorite among Pakistanis in hybrid segment. The fuel economy rating stands at 51/48 mpg city/highway, which is excellent for a family sedan. The latest model with 1.8L engine offers approximately 30.4 Km/L.

Toyota Prius Price in Pakistan

Prius 2018 price in Pakistan Prius 2015 price in Pakistan| Toyota prius 2012 price in Pakistan

4. Suzuki Mehran for sale in Pakistan

Mehran is one of the most popular and the oldest hatchbacks in the country, which was first introduced in 1989. In addition, it is the cheapest local hatchback, affordable for lower-middle class families.

Suzuki Mehran Price in Pakistan

Suzuki mehran price in Pakistan 2018Suzuki mehran price in Pakistan 2015| Suzuki mehran price in Pakistan 2014

5. Suzuki Cultus for sale in Pakistan

The Cultus is the most reliable Suzuki hatchback for middle-class families with a seating capacity for 5. The Euro 2 engine renders excellent fuel economy of 14 KM/L. With 4.8 m turning radius and ground clearance of 170 mm, the Cultus provides a smooth driving experience.

Cultus price in Pakistan

Suzuki Cultus 2018 price in PakistanSuzuki Cultus 2015 price in Pakistan| Cultus 2014 price in Pakistan

6. Honda Civic for sale in Pakistan

The Honda Civic was first unveiled in 1972 and has been improving with every model. Available in two versions (i-VTec and VTi Oriel), both carry a 1.8L engine that provides a fuel economy of 13.6 KM/L. If we talk about the best sedans in Pakistan, the Civic and the Corolla both go head to head with each other.

Civic Price in Pakistan

Honda civic 2018 price in PakistanHonda civic 2015 price in Pakistan| Honda civic 2014 price in Pakistan

7. Honda City for sale in Pakistan

First introduced by Honda in 1981, the City sedan has improved not only in the design department but the interior comfort has been augmented too. With two engine options, 1.3L and 1.5L, it is one of the most economical sedans in the Pakistani market with excellent resale value.

Honda City Price in Pakistan

Honda city 2018 price in PakistanHonda city 2015 price in Pakistan| Honda city 2014 price in Pakistan

8. FAW V2 for sale in Pakistan

The only Chinese hatchback locally available here, the FAW V2 carries a 1.3L Euro 4 compliant engine which is highly fuel efficient with 6.51L/100km economy on the highway.

FAW V2 Price in Pakistan

Faw v2 car price in Pakistan|faw car v2 price in pakistan

9. Suzuki Wagon R for sale in Pakistan

Available both in local and Japanese versions, the Suzuki Wagon R is one of the most fuel efficient hatchbacks in Pakistan extending 27 KM/L fuel economy (Japanese version). Though the Wagon R Pakistan is not welcomed by the consumers here, the Wagon R Japanese is a highly sought after car in Pakistan.

Wagon R Price in Pakistan

Suzuki wagon r price in Pakistan 2018Suzuki wagon r price in Pakistan 2015 | Suzuki wagon r 2014 price in Pakistan

10. Suzuki Swift for sale in Pakistan

The Swift is the best hatchback from Suzuki which is not only fuel efficient (5.5 to 6.0 liters/100km) but also super quick (Swift top speed is 165 km/h). Other prominent features include quiet cabin, low wind noise, four-wheel Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) supplemented by Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD), keyless entry with answerback and immobilizer, Electronic Power Steering (EPS), integrated surround sound and driver oriented transmission.

Swift Price in Pakistan

Swift Suzuki price in Pakistan 2018Swift Suzuki price in Pakistan 2015|Suzuki swift price in Pakistan 2014

Prices of other Popular Cars in Pakistan

Below are the prices of best selling cars on

New Cars in Pakistan